Featured Sled: San Marino Racing Team

San Marino Racing Team

Sled: 2002 Yamaha SRX

Owner: Joe Riccardi

Driver: Jeremy Hannen

Crew: Jeremy Hannen, Paul Thiel

Best Performance: 8.22 seconds in 1/4 mile @ 160.02 mph

Horsepower: 270 h.p. on the motor, 375-400 h.p. on spray, depending on tune-up

Featured Sled: Bill DiFranco's F-9

Bill DiFranco F-9

Sled: 2004 Firecat F-9


Owner and Driver: Bill DiFranco

Best Performance: 5.85@112.8 mph in the 1/8 mile 9.48@130.41 mph in the 1/4 mile

Horsepower: 196 h.p. and 128 lbs/ft torque @ 8100 r.p.m. No Spray!