Featured Sled: Bill DiFranco's F-9

Bill DiFranco F-9

Sled: 2004 Firecat F-9


Owner and Driver: Bill DiFranco

Best Performance: 5.85@112.8 mph in the 1/8 mile 9.48@130.41 mph in the 1/4 mile

Horsepower: 196 h.p. and 128 lbs/ft torque @ 8100 r.p.m. No Spray!

Engine: D & D 900 Trail Motor with billet stroker crank

Pipes: D & D Monster Twins

Reeds: V-Force 3

Intake: Stock injectors with Boondocker EFI Tuning System

Clutches: 2005 Firecat stocker (8.5" o.d.), Stock converter.

Skis: Hot to Go Racing

Front Shocks: D & D Racing modified Pro Stock shocks

Skidframe: Owner modified stocker, utilizing owner designed idler wheels, and a Grip-N-Rip Racing limiter strap adjuster system.

Track: Camoplast 10.5" x 128" Drag Slick

Computer: Racepak Avenger 3

Sponsors: D & D Powersports, The Outdoor Shop, Stud-Boy, Jan-Cen Motorsports, Dynotech Research, Grip and Rip Racing Products, Hot-To-Go Racing Products, Renegade Trailers, and Lewny Tools.

Bill DiFranco has bolted together one of the baddest trail and race sleds in New York state. From the awesome graphics, to the HTG custom fabricated air dam, to the extreme attention to detail....this thing is a Super Sled in every respect!

With a ton of testing, and a sensible system of building consistent and useable horsepower, DiFranco has the big 900 c.c. twin running mid 9's at over 130 mph on the tar. All it takes is a change in skid, track, skis, and a tweak on the tune up and Bill is ready for a day on the trail, or playing on the local lakes. He has figured out how to get maximum performance and utility for his snowmobile dollar, and we look for sleds like this to be hitting the tar with increasing frequency. The investment in asphalt skis, track, and a rear suspension, can quickly be justified by the ability to now use the snowmobile nearly year around.

Keep an eye on the Super Sled Forums, as we follow Bill during this asphalt season to see if he can get the big Cat down into the low 9's!