Featured Sled: San Marino Racing Team

San Marino Racing Team

Sled: 2002 Yamaha SRX

Owner: Joe Riccardi

Driver: Jeremy Hannen

Crew: Jeremy Hannen, Paul Thiel

Best Performance: 8.22 seconds in 1/4 mile @ 160.02 mph

Horsepower: 270 h.p. on the motor, 375-400 h.p. on spray, depending on tune-up

Engine: 1108 Price Performance motor, built by Herek Motorsports (Westland, MI)

Carbs: MRE 56 mm

Ignition: MSD

Pipes: Jaws Performance

Reeds: V-Force

Nitrous System: NOS parts, system fabricated by San Marino Racing

Computer: Datalink Racepak

Clutches: Micro-Belmont Primary, Bearcat Converter

Track: Camoplast 10.5" x 128" slick

Rear Suspension: Pro-Line

Front Suspension: Billy Gilsbock Racecraft

Skis: Wahl Bros. skis, narrowed by Tim Spencer

Shafts: Micro-Belmont titanium

Drivers: Pro-Line billet aluminum

Sponsors: Corrigan Oil Co., Herek Motorsports, Wahl Bros. Racing, Camoplast Tracks, Northern Materials Inc., San Marino Excavating Inc., Spencer Drag Chassis, Groves Motorsports, Sunoco Race Fuels.

Now, what typifies a Super Sled more than the current "Worlds Fastest Asphalt Two Stroke"? Ace triggerman Jeremy Hannen drove the San Marino Racing SRX to a record shattering 8.22 second pass last year on the tar, and backed it up with an 8.23. The sled also set the IHRA Speed Record for sleds at Norwalk last summer, running 160.02 mph.

Other than the blue paint, the sled doesn't have much in common with what rolled off the Yamaha assembly line. Nearly every piece on the sled has been massaged in some way, shape, or form. That beautiful custom hood covers up a full-mod Price Performance 1108 race engine, built by Mark Herek. Additional power is only a spray away, with a custom owner-fabricated nitrous system available for chemical supercharging duties.

This sled is just plain trick, and it takes a while to notice all the details. The hood, front air dam, and tunnel all feature some interesting "air management" systems to help the sled slide through the atmosphere. Steering is courtesy of a Spencer Drag Chassis cable system, and there is a custom fabricated brake assembly located on the drive axle....just in case! Even the wiring on this sled is detailed, courtesy of Wires and Pliers owner Mike Brown.

Drivng a sled running low 8's at 160 mph can keep a man busy, so Jeremy Hannen has a little help in the data management department. The sled has a Race Pak Computer that can keep track of rpm, egt's, volts, water temp, jackshaft speed, nitrous bottle pressure, and fuel pressure. This type of data is invaluable when tuning a big sled on spray.

Now, most racers would be satisified with a sled like this, considering the $40K+ and 8 months of time invested in building the project. Not Riccardi! He's in the process of putting the finishing touches on an asphalt Firecat, running some ungodly huge motor on spray. Check back in with us here at Super Sled in a few weeks, as we will be at Milan for the unveiling of Riccardi's new Firecat.