Featured Sled: Busamod

The Busamod

Owner & Driver: Jeff LeDoux

Best Performance: 145 in 1000' @7lbs boost (Capable of 35lbs boost)

Horsepower: Capable of 600+ Hp

Engine: 1300cc 4 stroke Built for a sled by Velocity Racing

Pipes: 3" Stainless Steel Dumps

Reeds: None

Intake: Pressurized

Clutches: Multi stage lock-up

Shocks: Stratos

Rear Suspension: Modified Anderson

Track: Anderson

Custom Parts: Complete Chassis, Carbon Fiber Tunnel Cover

Data Management: Autronics

Sponsors: Billet Wheels

Racing Highlights: It runs great

Favorite Track: Swan Lake, MN

Favorite Sanctioning Body: CMSA

Future Goals: Run 25 lbs boost next before moving up

How did you build your sled? Patience, Help, Friends, Money

Anything Else: If the sled never goes any faster, Id still be happy, because 4 years ago it was just an idea and now its a running machine thats fast as hell and looks great. There was alot of nae sayers and probably still are, but we are happy with how everything worked out. Rumor has it it may have already gone faster than the 145. Alot faster.............ahh Rumors.


We are being a little more racer focused here on SuperSled. This is the first time we've gotten our featured sled racer to agree to answer the questions you may have about the sled in the forums. You'll find the discussion in the SuperSleds section. There's also a photo and video gallery of the sled check it out.