We are Accepting SuperSled Submissions

Follow this link and send us your sled info. Your sled could even be featured on the frontpage.

Quadzilla 3 -- Click here for full details


A sled that hits 177mph. Yeah, that deserves to be on this site.

Why is Your Sled a SuperSled?: 
Its the fastest single engine sled on ice! Nuff said! The engine also holds the naturally aspirated HP record at dynotech research at 382hp and 222ft/lbs. @ 9100rpm. The engine has just been been outfitted with nitrous oxide and is scheduled to be dynoed this month. HP projections are 500hp++++ stay tuned for updated HP figures!

Featured Sled: Busamod

The Busamod

Owner & Driver: Jeff LeDoux

Best Performance: 145 in 1000' @7lbs boost (Capable of 35lbs boost)

Horsepower: Capable of 600+ Hp

Engine: 1300cc 4 stroke Built for a sled by Velocity Racing

Pipes: 3" Stainless Steel Dumps

Reeds: None

Featured Sled: Bill DiFranco's F-9

Bill DiFranco F-9

Sled: 2004 Firecat F-9


Owner and Driver: Bill DiFranco

Best Performance: 5.85@112.8 mph in the 1/8 mile 9.48@130.41 mph in the 1/4 mile

Horsepower: 196 h.p. and 128 lbs/ft torque @ 8100 r.p.m. No Spray!